Positions in the Hotel Department on passengers ship:


Hotel Manager

The Hotel Manager is responsible for the hotel department on the ship, is supervising and motivating hotel staff. Gives constant attention to passengers. Controls of hotel costs and budget. Supervise ordering and ensure implementation of standards in the hotel area.


Deputy Purser

The Deputy Purser is responsible for the smooth running at the reception as well as petty cash/safe. Represents the hotel manager during his absence. At least 2 years of experience in a comparable position are required, shipboard experience is prefered. Must be computer-literate, flexible, stress-resistant and a good organizer. Fluent English skills are required.


International Guest Service Agent

The Receptionist is responsible for reception desk – general information, accommodation problems, complaints, money transactions, shipboard announcements etc. Previous hotel experience and/or university degree required as well as fluent English language skills.


Night Guest Service Agent

The Night Receptionist is responsible for the reception area at night as well as for security (walkabouts) and co-responsible for the smooth operation of the administration system. Needs experience as receptionist or night receptionist and fluent English skills.


Maitre D’

The Maitre D’ is responsible for the day to day operations and supervision of the restaurant. His/hers responsibility include training, maintaining a high standard of food quality and service, assigning work schedules for Waiters, keeping control of all the equipment and taking inventories required, visiting all tables once a day, paying special attention to the VIP guests. An applicant must have a pleasant and courteous personality and excellent leadership skills. Fluent English language skill required.



The Waiter provides a friendly and professional service to the guests in the restaurant and buffet restaurants. He/she must be knowledgeable of all the menu items and ingredients and possess the ability to describe them to the guests. The Waiter ensures that all the guests are completely satisfied with the food and service, and reports to the Maitre D’. He/she also maintains cleanness of tables, corrects table settings and supervises asst. waiters assigned to his service station. An applicant must have a pleasant, courteous, well mannered and outgoing personality and be fluent in English.


Bar Waiter

The Bar Waiter is responsible for professional service of all alcoholic beverages to guests in lounges and on decks. He/she will work in a station designed by the Assistant Bar Manager. The assigned duties are: setting up the bar station, assisting in stocking of supplies and cleaning bar station. An applicant must have a pleasant and courteous personality and fluent English language skills.



The Bartender is responsible for serving alcoholic beverage to guests in lounges and on decks; mixing drinks and cocktails; filling orders placed by bar waiters; setting up, cleaning and stocking the bar. He/she is also responsible for all beverage transactions at the bar, the beverage cost as well as for creating an amusing and entertaining atmosphere for the guests at the bar.  An applicant must have a pleasant and courteous personality and fluent English language skills.


Executive Chef

The Executive Chef is responsible for the kitchen’ professional preparation and distribution of daily meals; responsible for food ordering and ensuring implementation with HACCP hygiene standards Supervise and trains his team. Controls cost and budget and ensures implementation of kitchen standards.


Sous Chef

The Sous Chef is responsible for professional preparing and distributing of daily meals in accordance with the menu cycle; active support of the Executive Chef and substitution in his/her absence. Provides support in managing, training and motivating the kitchen crew. Places orders and taking inventory in cooperation with the executive chef. Jointly responsible for the supervising of costs and adhering to the budget. Providing support in the inspecting and accepting of deliveries. Jointly responsible for appropriate storage and keeping of goods.


Chef de Partie

The Chef de Partie supervises and coordinates activities at the food workstation. An experience or training in this area of expertise – International Cousine, and a recognized Cook/Chef Certificate are required for this position including at least four years of hotel/restaurant experience.  Competency in English is compulsory.


Commis Cook

The Commis Cook prepares seasoning and cooks menu items served in a variety of dining areas onboard the vessel. A minimum two years of hotel/restaurant kitchen experience and a recognized Cook/Chef Certificate are required. Competency in English is compulsory.


Utility Cleaner

The Utility Cleaner is responsible for cleaning of the Food Department areas and other tasks assigned by Asst. F&B Manager. He/she must be knowledgeable with all the cleaning materials and chemicals as well as their storage. Competency in English is compulsory.



The Housekeeper supervises all operations of the entire Housekeeping Department. He/she is responsible for the administrative functioning of the department, room service, overall cleanness of the ship excluding the galley and bars. This position also includes the supervision of the baggage discharge. Fluent English language skills required.


Cabin attendant

The Cabin attendant is responsible for keeping clean and neat guests staterooms (cabins). He/she provides personal assistance to guests, takes care of guests personal laundry requests, replenishes supplies such as drinking glasses, ice, stationary, etc.  The Attendant approaches guests in a professional manner with courtesy and politeness. Fluent English language skill is required.


Excursion Host/ess

The Excursio Host/ess is responsible for the preparation oft he Tour Magazine, the selling of the excursion, the presantation of the excursions in the beginning of the cruise, the compain of guest during the excursion supervisioning tha shedule oft he trip. At list fluent English and German skills Required.


Bike Leader (Bike Excursion Manager)

The Bike Leader (previous experiance compulsory) is responsible for everything concerning the Bike Tours department. He/She is fit to ride till 100 Km per day must have ability to record new bikeroutes by GPS system, excellent technical skills in bike maintenance, ability to lead groups composed from plenty partecipants, ability to offer first aid in case of accident, ability to rcognize who is suitable for which bike tour and have ability to entratain the pertecipants. Fluent English and German are mandatory (further languages are alway welcome!)

Bike Host/ess

The Bike Host/ess must be fit and swetabl to support the Bike Leader during the whole season.