The idea of the A.C.A (Abroad Career Agency) was the creation of people who have themselves lived on board cruise ships, and who have dedicated their lives to the hospitality industry. Although they may have decided to return to life on land, this has not eliminated their passion for the profession they were committed to while on board.

A.C.A knows and understands not only the needs of shipping companies, but also those of the people who decide to undertake this new experience. It’s not just a profession; it’s also a way of life.

When we recruit staff, we aren’t just looking for the list of technical and educational characteristics that are compiled by human resources departments. We are also looking for applicants with the character traits that will be essential if, for the first time, they are preparing to spend six months of their lives in an unfamiliar environment, without starting to feel completely lost.

Drawing on our personal experience and this philosophy, supported by the honesty that A.C.A brings to the market, we will create a close collaboration with the companies we work with. And we will work closely with our future employees, in order to prepare them for this great life experience, so that they can become ideal crew members.


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